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About Us

Inspiration in Every Turn


The Amvetcure Pharma was founded by Mr. Ashutosh & Mrs.Anjali in 2018, currently catering to over 90,000 regular customer's through 500+ professionals and experts. In our illustrious journey, we have spread our wings across a variety of key businesses such as manufacturing and export of Ayurvedic medicine's, skin ointment, herbal cosmetics products, essential oil's, aroma oil's, fragrance oil's. Amvetcure Pharma headquartered in Mumbai, India, develops and markets high-value, quality branded pharmaceutical products for patients in need.Amvetcure Pharma specialty portfolio includes products for men's health,orthopedics and dermatologists. Our commitment to providing unsurpassed Quality and Product services has expanded to meet the increasing needs of our ever-growing patient's ratio. Our goal is to offer each and every patients around the world the best of ayurvedic medicine in terms of quality, efficacy, safety, sincerity and responsibility to satisfy all patients needs and desires in their infinite diversity.

Enter the realm of wellness with Amvetcure Pharma, a visionary venture established by Mr. Ashutosh and Mrs. Anjali in 2018. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have become a beacon of health, currently serving a vast clientele of over 90,000 customers through a dedicated team of 500+ professionals and experts.

In our remarkable journey, we have diversified our offerings, spanning various crucial sectors, including the manufacturing and export of Ayurvedic medicines, skin ointments, herbal cosmetics, essential oils, aroma oils, and fragrance oils. From our headquarters in Mumbai, India, we have emerged as a leading force in developing and marketing high-value, quality branded pharmaceutical products, catering to the diverse needs of patients worldwide.

Amvetcure Pharma takes pride in its specialty portfolio, focusing on men's health, orthopedics, and dermatology. As we relentlessly pursue excellence, our commitment to providing unparalleled quality and services has grown to meet the ever-expanding needs of our diverse patient base. Our goal is simple yet profound – to bring the best of Ayurvedic medicine to every patient worldwide, ensuring quality, efficacy, safety, sincerity, and responsibility in satisfying the infinite diversity of their needs and desires. Join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier, happier world.

Our Team

Meet our exceptional team of technical experts, each with a wealth of experience spanning diverse disciplines in the pharmaceutical field. Armed with cutting-edge technology, our team blends expertise with a warm and compassionate approach to cater to both our innovative products and the unique needs of our customers. At the intersection of skill, technology, and empathy, we redefine excellence in the pharma industry, ensuring your journey with us is not only technically advanced but also remarkably human-centric.


Empowering our customers, we provide direct access to our marketing team, product experts, and technical wizards. But we go beyond mere access – our customers enjoy the full spectrum of our commitment through a comprehensive rehabilitation program. This program unfolds with engaging demos and showcases the tangible results of our exceptional products and services. Join us in a journey where accessibility meets excellence, ensuring you not only connect with our teams but also witness the transformative impact of our offerings.

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Why Choose Us?

In the perpetual pursuit of good health, we embark on an unending quest, leveraging the power of innovation to elevate the performance of our products and services. What sets us apart is our pride in delivering cutting-edge, top-quality products that align seamlessly with market demands and prices. Transparency is our cornerstone, fostering a trustworthy relationship between our customers and our company.

Our commitment extends beyond products; it's a promise of care that supports an active role for consumers and families in every facet of their lives. We are not just shaping the present; we are acting to mold the future of good health. Drawing inspiration from both science and nature, we continue to pioneer advancements, ensuring our offerings are at the forefront of wellness. Join us on this journey towards enduring health and well-being, where innovation meets a caring touch.

  • Elevating quality to new heights, our dedicated Research Team tirelessly monitors and ensures the excellence of our products.

  • Rest easy with our FDA approval – every procedure meticulously follows guidelines with timely inspections, ensuring your trust and safety.

  • Step into our world of innovation, where a high-quality QA/R&D lab boasts advanced equipment and a highly qualified team, pushing the boundaries of excellence.

  • In our pursuit of perfection, we've forged valuable partnerships with authentic physicians, fostering continuous feedback for the ongoing enhancement of our products.

  • Experience seamless support at any hour! Our 24/7 customer service is here to address all your queries related to products and the supply chain, providing round-the-clock reliability and assurance.

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